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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work B.2

Kitāb al-Aḥjār wa-l-kharaz wa-manāfiʿihā wa-imtiḥānihā wa-ṭilasmātihā


A rather short Ptolemaic pseudepigraph on stones and astral magic, much in the spirit of al-Kindī’s Rasāʾil found on 1v-19r of the Sbath manuscript; in fact, al-Kindī is quoted as its compiler (muṣannif, f. 23r, lines 19-20), even though in the reported statements he refers to the Indians rather than to Ptolemy. ā-r-th-t-m-y-d-s al-faylasūf (Ar[the]temido<r>os?) is quoted as well (ibid. lines 17-19). This treatise looks like a compilation for practical purposes; the occurrence of the formulas tammat at the end of two different sections in the middle of the text (f. 21v, line 12; f. 22v, line 14) and tamma l-kitāb before the quotes from the authorities (f. 23r, line 7) might point towards the combination of different textual layers.