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Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Or. 352

[Black and white microfilm scans of the body text and covers.]

Single work: Arabic. Date:

Thursday, 15 Rabīʿ al-awwal 893/28 February 1488 (238r).


unknown; unknown scribe.


ex libris Bibl. Caes. Med. Palat. (1v, 238v), i.e. the library of the De Medici grand dukes and its successor institutions, inherited and consolidated by the Holy Roman Emperor Grand Duke of Tuscany, Francis Stephan (d. 1765) (on the library’s history, see Cummings). A stamp of the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana (1v, 238v). Some illegible notes on the inner front cover with the name ‘Vecchietti’ (the brothers Girolamo (d. 1588?) and Giovanni Battista Vecchietti (d. 1619) played a key role in Florence as merchants of oriental manuscripts from Egypt and Persia, cf. Jones); an erased Arabic ownership statement (1r).


polished oriental paper with visible fibres, 240 ff. (foliation with Arabic-European numerals in pencil at the bottom left of recto folios; an earlier foliation from back to front in Arabic-European numerals at the top right of verso folios; no catchwords). One or two clear naskh hands with a slight tendency to nastaʿlīq. First part (1v-90v): a neat substantially dotted hand in dark ink; no vowels, numerous hamzas, occasional shaddas, maddas mostly indicated. Second part (91r-238r): possibly a second, faster naskh hand; barely dotted ductus, no vowels, no hamzas, very few shaddas, occasional maddas. Paragraph beginnings and abjad notation highlighted in red ink. No tables or diagrams. Dimensions: 173×84 mm (estimated); 11 lines (misṭara imprints). Paper in good condition, very few stains, minor water damage not affecting the readability. Bound in a leather binding (likely the original) decorated with a blind-tooled central mandorla filled with interlace, several frames.


Astrology. — Index: Ptolemaica (1v-238r).


Josephus Simonius Assemanus, Bibliothecae Medicae Laurentianae et Palatinae codicum manuscriptorum orientalum catalogus, Florence: Albiziano, 1742, p. 402; Anthony M. Cummings, Ms Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Magl. XIX, 164-167, Aldershot / Burlington: Ashgate, 2006, pp. 30-31; Robert Jones, Learning Arabic in Renaissance Europe (1505-1624), Leiden: Brill, 2020, pp. 22-24.


\1v\ ⟨…⟩ كتاب الأربع مقالات في الأحكام لبطلموس القلوذي ترجمة حنين بن إسحاق إصلاح ثابت ابن قرّة الحرّاني جمل ما في المقالة الأولى من هذا الكتاب في القضاء من النجوم على الحوادث. الباب الأوّل في صدر الكتاب. — \238r\ ⟨…⟩ قصدناه في أوّل هذا الكتاب من شرح فعل جملة طبيعة الكواكب وملاؤمته ⟨sic⟩ للأجزاء الجزؤيّة على الأمر الملاؤم ⟨sic⟩ بحسب الحدس الكائن من النوع التعليميّ على امتزاج ذلك فإذ قد أتينا على القول في أمر المواليد على طريق الجملة فأرى أنّه من الواجب أن أختم الكتاب في هذا الموضع.

= Ptolemy, al-Maqālāt al-arbaʿ (tr. Ibrāhīm ibn al-Ṣalt/Ḥunayn ibn Isḥāq) (A.2.1), — Title: hadhihi (?) Arbaʿ maqālāt Baṭlamūs (240v). — Index: authorial preface, 1v; Book I, 1v-69v; Book II, 69v-123r; Book III, 123r-196r; Book IV, 196v-238r. — All books with undated authorial colophon, Book IV also with dated scribal colophon. Glosses by Thābit ibn Qurra mentioned in the preface, but not found in the manuscript. Minor marginal corrections in the hand of the scribe, mostly indicated by siglum ṣḥ. Some annotations in different hands, mostly trimmed. An undated note of collation (235r, margin).