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Tehran, Kitābkhāna-yi Majlis-i shurā-yi Islāmi, 56 S

[Colour scans of the body text, no images of cover or binding.]

Single work: Arabic.  Date:

11th c. (online catalogue).



unknown; unknown scribe.


stamps of the Senate Library crossed out with another stamp, both in blue (1r, 545v) ; an illegible stamp in red (inside cover, partially on the inserted library note); old shelfmark: 56 (inside cover). Accession numbers: 7565 (library note) and 7093 (Ir, inserted library note).



laid paper, I+544+Ia ff. (without foliation, catchwords on verso pages in the hand of the scribe). Two or more black nastaʿlīq hands. The first hand (ff. 1v-10r) displays dense diagonal writing of the main text except for the first two lines on each page; the second hand (ff. 10v-544v) appears hasty and sloppy with inconsistent page layout. Chapter headings and lemmata in red, paragraphs partially separated with red overlines; mostly dotted ductus, occasional shaddas and hamzas. Substantial figures and tables in red and black. Few stains, upper margins damaged and repaired with pasted paper slips from f. 361 onwards, partially effecting the readability. Dimensions: 220×110 mm; written area: 180×90 mm; 14-28 lines per page (without ruling). Red goat leather over paper pasteboard (online catalogue). Type III binding. 



astronomy. — Index: Ptolemaica (1v-544v); three unrelated numbered lists of treatises in a sloppy hand (545r-545v).


DanishpazuhAnwari:1976, vol. I, p. 29; Majlis Library Online Catalogue (, no. ‎904346.


\1v\ ⟨…⟩ الحمد لله الذي جعلنا من المتفكّرين في خلق السموات والأرض وألهمنا طريق معرفة مقادير حركات الأجرام النيّرة في الطول والعرض خلق سبع سموات طباقًا وجعل القمر فيهن نورًا وجعل الشمس سراجًا—  \544v\ ⟨…⟩ والحمد لله أوّلاً وآخرًا وباطنًا وظاهرًا والصلوة والسلام على زبدة الليالى والأيّام محمّد سيّد الثقلين وخير الأنام وآله الأخيار وشيعته الأبرار الكرام لمام(؟).

= al-Birjandī, Sharḥ Taḥrīr al-Majisṭī (C.1.1515). — Title: al-Sharḥ Mullā ʿAbd al-ʿAlī bar Taḥrīr khwāja bar Majisṭī Baṭlamiyūs (1r). Index: author’s preface, 1v-2v; Book I, 2v-104v; II, 104v-164r; III (incomplete at the end), 164r-215v; IV (incomplete at the beginning), 216r-241v; V, 241v-302r; VI, 302r-347r; VII, 347r-378r; ⟨VIII⟩, 378r-422v; IX, 422v-451r; X/XI, 451r-479r/473v-485r; XII, 485r-508v; XIII, 508v-543v. Heading for Book I not rubricated. Books III and IV are incomplete (several folios between 215v and 216r are missing); Books X and XI overlap in this treatise (see work entry for details). — Trimmed marginal collations and glosses in different hands, some corrections in the hand of the scribe. No author’s colophon; no colophon of the scribe.