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Tehran, Kitābkhāna-yi Millī-yi Īrān, Ar. 1654

[Colour scans of the body text and covers; no images of cover, spine or binding.]

Single work: Arabic.  Date:



unknown; unknown scribe. 


an ownership statement in Persian dated Rabīʿ II 1314/September-October 1896 (1r); several erased statements and seals. Old shelfmark: 1957/d.


laid paper, II+806 pp. (pagination with Hindu-Arabic numerals on the first and last pages, otherwise on every tenth page, only seven pages between 30 and 40 and between 280 and 290, eleven pages between 650 and 660; marks for the middle of the quires on every fourth folio; catchwords in the hand of the scribe). A single clear nastaʿlīq hand in black; book and chapter headings (the latter inconsistently) numbered in red, other rubrications in red or missing (several reserved spaces); mostly dotted ductus; no indication of shaddas and vowels, occasional hamzas. Numerous figures and tables in red and black, some folios reserve space for diagrams. Several stains and ink smudges, slightly worm-eaten. Some pages repaired (e.g., p. 501). Dimensions: 255×165 mm; written area: 205×110 mm; 21 lines per page. Codex bound in quaternions, damaged leather cover in dark brown over paper pasteboards. Type III binding.  


astronomy. — Index: Ptolemaica (1v-403r)


ʿAbdallāh Anwār et al., Fihrist-i nusakh-i khaṭṭī-yi Kitābkhāna-i Millī, 52 vols to date, Tehran: Kitābkhāna-i Millī, 1965–2018, vol. X, pp. 234-235; vol. XXVIII, pp. 144-145; Fuat Sezgin, Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums, 9 vols, Leiden: Brill, 1967–1984, vol. VI, p. 93; QasemluPayervand:2011, p. 714; Millī Library Online Catalogue:


\p. 1\ ⟨…⟩ الحمد لله الذي جعلنا من المتفكّرين في خلق السموات والأرض وألهمنا طريق معرفة مقادير حركات الأجرام النيّرة في الطول والعرض خلق سبع سموات طباقًا وجعل القمر فيهن نورًا وجعل الشمس سراجًا — \p. 806\ ⟨…⟩ والحمد لله أوّلًا وآخرًا وباطنًا وظاهرًا والصلوة والسلام على زبدة الليالي والأيّام محمّد سيّد الثقلين وخير الأنام وآله ال{أخيار} و شيعة الأبرار الكرام وقد فرغت من تحرير هذا الشرح وتسويده وتصحيحه. ضحوة يوم السبت في أوائل ذي القعدة حجة إحدى وعشرين وتسعمائة من الهجرة النبوية وإنما العبد المفتقر إلى رحمة ربّ الثقلين عبد العلي بن محمّد بن حسين روح الله تعالى روحه.

= al-Birjandī, Sharḥ Taḥrīr al-Majisṭī (C.1.1515). — Title: Sharḥ Mullā al-Birjandī bar Majisṭī, (1r) — Additional titles: Sharḥ Birjandī bar Majisṭī (Ir). Index: author’s preface, 1-4; Book I, 4-147; II, 147-216; III, 216-287; IV, 287-331; V, 331-417; VI, 417-494; VII, 494-543; ⟨VIII⟩, 543-611; IX, 611-663; X/XI, 663-702/682-715; XII, 715-751; XIII, 751-806. Missing rubrication for Book I, missing heading of Book VIII, wrong heading of Book VII corrected in the margin; Books X and XI overlap in this treatise. Very few marginal collations and almost no corrections. Glosses in the scribe’s hand on p.232, 317. Authorial colophon dated to a Saturday in the beginning of Dhū l-ḥijja 921