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Istanbul, Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi, Yeni Cami 799

[Colour scanned images of the body text.]

Single work: Arabic.  Date:

unknown, probably 13th-14th century AD.


unknown, probably Persia; unknown scribe. 


three seals of endowment by Sulṭān Aḥmad Khān ibn Ghāzī Sulṭān Muḥammad Khān, dated 1115/1703-4 (1v, 85v, 204v); two stamps of the Süleymaniye Library with the current shelf mark (Ir, 204v); several erased statements (1r).


paper, I+205 ff. (new foliation in Arabic-European numerals only in the upper left corner of every tenth recto folio, occasional catchwords; binding in quinions—quire signatures on every tenth folio, numbering of the folios in each quire with abjad numerals in the upper left of recto folios). Two different hands. First hand (1v-199v): a clear nastaʿlīq in black; mostly dotted ductus, no shaddas, no hamzas; book numbers in thuluth in black or gold, chapter numbers in nastaʿlīq in black, section  beginnings (qawluh/aqul) in red. Second hand (200r-204v): a clear naskh in black; mostly dotted ductus, no shaddas, no hamzas; chapter numbers in thuluth in black, section beginnings in red. Substantial diagrams with lines in black and abjad notation and labels in red. Three mathematical tables (ff. 29r, 29v, 30r) with headings in red. A few moisture stains (200r‒205v), slightly worm-eaten margins. Dimensions: not provided; 29 lines per page (both hands). An illuminated shamsa in gold and blue with the central inscription erased, probably of Ilkhanid origin (1r); basmala and ʿunwān with floral decoration, surrounding interlace and a vignette (1v, all in the same colours as the shamsa on 1r). Brown leather cover (Sezgin). 


astronomy. – Index: a Persian poem said to be by the scribe (Ir); mention of a reference to Muʾayyid al-Dīn al-ʿUrḍīʼs treatise Kayfīyyat al-Arṣād in Chapter V.14 of al-Nīsābūrīʼs commentary, by the scribe (Ir); a long mathematical proposition, in a different hand (1r); Ptolemaica (ff. 1v-204v); a note on astromagic, in a different hand (205r).


‎‎Yeni Cami Kütüphanesinde mahfuz kütüb-i mevcudenin defteridir, Istanbul: Matbaa-i Osmaniye, 1883, p. 42; GAS VIFuat Sezgin, Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums. Vol. VI: Astronomie bis ca. 430 H., Leiden: Brill, 1978, p. 93.


\1v\ ⟨…⟩ السعد قرین من صدر کلامه بالحمد لواهب السعادة والیمن رسیل من أعلق یمینه بشکر تمتري الزیادة. فأحمده علی ما أوّلانا من النعم ذات الطول والعرض. وأشکره علی أن جعلنا من الذین یتفکّرون في خلق السماوات والأرض. حمدًا یلوح علی جباه الاعتراف وسومه وشکرًا یشاد علی اضمحلال الدهور رسومه ⟨…⟩ ‒ \205v\ ⟨…⟩ ولا مکرمة إلّا وهو مظهرها. فالتماس ذلك یکون تحصیلا للحاصل. وهو عند الحکیم باطل باطل. بل الملتمس منه تعال یثبت ماخوله وآتاه. وإدامة ما خصّصه به واستثناه. وأن ینعم علیه لحظة فلحظة سعادة تسری. وتجدّد له ساعة فساعة کرامة وبشری.

= Niẓām al-Dīn al-Ḥasan al-Nīsābūrī, Tafsīr Taḥrīr al-Majisṭī (C.1.1305). — Index: Authorʼs preface, 1v-3v; Book I, 4r-41v; Book II, 42r-57v; Book III, 57v-77r; Book IV, 77r-87v; Book V, 87v-110r; Book VI, 110r-137r; Book VII, 137v-143r; Book VIII, 143r-147r; Book IX, 147r-159v; Book X, 159v-165v; Book XI, 166r-173v; Book XII, 173v-187v; Book XIII, 188r-204v. Undated authorial colophons at the end of every book. Scribal colophon (204v). Collated manuscript with marginal corrections and notes in the same hand as the main text. Additional marginal glosses in a different hand.